Employee Costs

Employees determine the success of your business. The way you treat them reflects in your profit margin. As a business owner, you obviously want to make a profit, you cannot do this without your employees. Now that you have got the best employees in the market, how do you make sure that they deliver them best? Treat them right. Some employees never give peace; workers are ever complaining of how bad they are treated. To milk the best out of your employees, you must motivate them. This article will give you some ways on how to keep your workforce motivated.

How to motivate


workingAt every task, set expected completion time. If your employees work hard and finish the project in time, it is time to show how much you appreciate them by giving a bonus. If let us take, for example, you have given them a week to complete, and it is done in three days, it will be good for you to say thank you with gifts like wristbands, t-shirts and such.

Appropriate reward

You will have made a serious mistake if your employees felt exploited. Pay overtime appropriately. This gives them a morale top do more because they know their extra time spend in the office is recognized and rewarded.

Give time with family

workThe joy of hard work is enjoying the outcome with people you love. Allow employees to spend time with their family occasionally. This gives them a reason to work even harder. Many employees in high companies are always complaining, not because of poor pay, but because it is all about work. They never get a single moment to spend with family. Allow them to go on their yearly leave without making them feel like they are doing wrong of throwing threats of sucking them.